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James Whitehead Nesbitt
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James Whitehead Nesbitt

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View Tree for James Whitehead NesbittJames Whitehead Nesbitt (b. August 04, 1847, d. December 05, 1927)

James Whitehead Nesbitt was born August 04, 1847 in Richmond Co., GA, and died December 05, 1927 in Albany, Dougherty Co., GA. He married Mary Elizabeth McGregor on November 08, 1871 in Union Church, Newton, Baker Co., GA.

More About James Whitehead Nesbitt and Mary Elizabeth McGregor:
Marriage: November 08, 1871, Union Church, Newton, Baker Co., GA.

Children of James Whitehead Nesbitt and Mary Elizabeth McGregor are:
  1. Ruth Holt Nesbitt, b. January 20, 1874.
  2. Virginia Whitehead Nesbitt, b. September 05, 1875, Baker Co. GA.
  3. +Thomas Nesbitt, b. November 07, 1876, Cordele, Crisp Co., GA, d. April 30, 1968, Cordele, Crisp Co., GA.
  4. McGregor Nesbitt, b. December 18, 1877.
  5. Mary Elizabeth Nesbitt, b. January 05, 1880, Baker Co. GA.
  6. Margaret Annie Nesbitt, b. February 15, 1882, Baker Co. GA.
  7. James Nesbitt, b. November 04, 1883.
  8. Lucy McGregor Nesbitt, b. March 25, 1886, Baker Co. GA.
  9. Parrish Nesbitt, b. February 24, 1888.
  10. John Nesbitt, b. April 20, 1891.
  11. Lois O Keefe Nesbitt, b. December 27, 1894, Baker Co. GA.

Ruth Holt Nesbitt

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