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My Salzburger Heritage
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Baker County Twin Sisters
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My Salzburger Heritage

Jerusalem Church

The Salzburgers

Hermann and Dorothea by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Legislative resolution about the Salzburgers

My Ancestors in the Civil War

Erling Grovenstein
My Grandfather

Erling GROVENSTEIN (My Grandfather) was born on Jul 26 1894.
Parents: Angus Nesbit GROVENSTEIN and
Mattie Rebecca CUBBEDGE.

(My Grandmother) Nesbitt, Lois O'Keefe

Birth : 27 DEC 1894 ,Baker,Georgia,USA

Death : 19 APR 1973 ,Effingham,Georgia,USA

Note: Both my grandparents died in a car accident that day.


Angus Nesbit GROVENSTEIN (My Great-Grandfather) was born on Oct 2 1852. He died in
1931. Parents: Shadrack GROVENSTEIN and Susan Catherine KIEFFER .

He was married to Mattie Rebecca CUBBEDGE in 1875. Children were: Claudia GROVENSTEIN,
Rufus Nesbit GROVENSTEIN, Georgia Carolina GROVENSTEIN , Mabel Catherine GROVENSTEIN,
Mattie Rebecca GROVENSTEIN, Angus Shadrack GROVENSTEIN , Barthimus Joshua GROVENSTEIN,
Robert Mims GROVENSTEIN, Sidney Lanier GROVENSTEIN , Elmira Louise GROVENSTEIN, Earling
GROVENSTEIN, Warren Donovan GROVENSTEIN , Keiffer GROVENSTEIN, Stafford Rogers

Shadrack GROVENSTEIN(My two times Great-Grandfather) was born on May 29 1821. He died on
Dec 18 1894. Parents: Henry Lewis GROVENSTEIN and Hannah DASHER.
He was married to Susan Catherine KIEFFER on Apr 5 1843. Children were: Ophelia Victoria
GROVENSTEIN , Angus Nesbit GROVENSTEIN, Ella Matilda GROVENSTEIN, Alice Velmina

Henry Lewis GROVENSTEIN (My three times Great-Grandfather) was born on Dec 25 1770. He
was christened on Dec 25 1770 in Ebenezer, Effingham County, Georgia. His christening was sponsored by John Michel and wife, and Lewis Punz and wife. Parents: John Justus GROVENSTEIN and Catherine BIDDENBACH.
He was married to Hannah DASHER about 1812. Children were: Benjamin GROVENSTEIN, Lewis GROVENSTEIN, Hannah Elizabeth GROVENSTEIN , Shadrack GROVENSTEIN, George William GROVENSTEIN.
He was married to Judith on Oct 18 1797. Children were: Margaret GROVENSTEIN.

John Justus GROVENSTEIN (My four times Great-Grandfather) moved in 1760 to Ebenezer, Effingham County, Georgia. He died after 1789. Parents: Salzburger FAMILY HEADS.
He was married to Catherine BIDDENBACH on Feb 22 1763 in Ebenezer, Effingham County, Georgia. Children were: Christian GROVENSTEIN, Henry Lewis GROVENSTEIN , Mary

One child was : (John Justus GROVENSTEIN)

(From Church Records)
Christian, son of John Justus Grovenstein and his wife Catharine, was born Feb. 3, 1764, in the evening and received lay baptism soon after birth, which was ratified on Feb. 4th. The witnesses of the lay baptism were Mrs. Kronberger, the child's father, Christian Bidenbach and his wife and Mrs. Metzcher, who also baptized the child. Sponsors were the glazier Buntz and his wife and John Michel.

Salzburger Colonies in Georgia

Interior of the Church


Letters from the Georgia Colony

A book by B. M. ZETTLER. He lived in this area. He speaks of the history.

My Ancestors from the original settlers:

Grabenstei (Grovenstein), John Justus d. after 1789 about 1760 from Charleston, S. C
Probably on the 3rd Swabian Transport

Biddenbach, Christian b. 1710 d. 1770 To Georgia about 1750
Sophia (wife)

Taesher (Dasher), Christian 1741 From Switzerland (Paid own passage)

Schweighoffer, Paul b. 1692 d. 1736
Margaretha Pindlinger (wife) b. 1692
Maria (child)

Theobald KEIFFER(3) (7) was born in 1683. He moved in 1737 to Ebenezer, Effingham County, Georgia. He was from Purysburg, SC. He was a butcher. Parents: Salzburger FAMILY HEADS.