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My sister and her husband, just adopted some children. I am proud to call them, my new nieces and nephews. My lovely niece, who is a young woman, is in the picture, too.

Transcription of pension application of John A. McGregor, Baker County, Georgia. He was my Great-Great Grandfather.

John A McGregor in the Civil War

Mexican War Records For Georgia

Eliza Danielly Public Records (His Mother)

John Arthur McGregor


My father, Virgil Edgar Branson Jr.
He was very handsome

My Grandmother Theresa Leone Ray Branson
She is with her brother, Hugh, and his son

Poetry Of Theresa Leone Ray Branson

My pretty sister, when we were their age
She loves children

A picture from 1971
Mark Edward Branson

About my dog, Cindy

Our father
Virgil Edgar Branson Jr

My Great-Grandmother
Nancy Caroline Jones Ray

My Great-Grandfather
Hugh Charles Ray

My Great-Great Grandfather
Charles Kennedy Ray

Charles Kennedy Ray

My Great-Great Grandfather
Reuben Wilson Jones

My Great-Great Grandmother
Georgianna Harriet Easterlin Ray

My Great-Great-Great Grandmother
Martha Ann Olivia Binnicker Easterlin

Francis Leroy Ray
My Great- Uncle Frank

Vera Leola Ray Hoffman and Ellwood Hoffman
My Great Aunt Vera

Lee Hoffman Biography

Science-Fiction Five-Yearly

Art by Lee Hoffman

Quandry_ Published by Lee Hoffman

More about Lee Hoffman

Fan Tribute

Shirley(Lee) Hoffman at four years of age.
She was a well known author. My cousin. I will always be proud of her.

Lee Hoffman, born Shirley Bell Hoffman

Gary Ross Hoffman webpage

Lee Hoffman webpage

Virgil Edgar Branson
My Grandfather the railroad man. His mother was Matilda (Santina) RYALS

1910 census records from Liberty county Georgia, which list my grandfather and his family.

Henry Branson (My Great-Great Grandfather) was last listed in the 1860 census in Georgia. He was first married to a woman named Caroline. Henry, Caroline, a son Joseph and an unnamed infant daughter were listed in the 1850 McIntosh County census. By the 1860 census Henry was married to Lurmaine "Lou" Driggers. Lou and Henry had 5 or 6 sons and 3 daughters. The number of sons is not certain, due to not knowing if the son Charlton listed was actually Henry's child or if Henry simply gave Charlton the BRANSON name. The other sons were: Luke b.1851, Allen b. 1852, Apson (this is James A.--the A. was Absolum) b. 1854, Henry Columbus b. 1858 and John b. 1867. The three daughters were: Maria b. 1857, Rachael b. 1859, and Susan Ann b. 1866.

I have not found much information on any of the siblings except Henry Columbus, James A. and a little on Allen and John. From census records it appears Luke and Joseph may have died before reaching adulthood.

Henry Columbus Branson was my Great-Grandfather. (3-10-1858 to 1-9-1921) He was married to Matilda Ryals. They had two children, Daniel Columbus Branson and Virgil Edgar Branson(My Grandfather)

Henry Columbus Branson also had children named: Edward, Roseboro, Lum, Randall and Marcella, by his second wife, Frances Middleton Branson.

They lived in Long County Georgia, near Townsend. If anyone has any additional information or pictures; please contact me. I am very proud of my Branson line, too.

Update on my Great-Great Grandfather:
His name was Henry Columbus Branson Sr.
My Great-Great Grandmother was Luvina Dreggors Branson.
Their son, my Great Grandfather was Henry Columbus Branson Jr,
who lived from 3-27-1861 to 1-09-1921.

Henry Columbus Branson Jr (With loving memory and respect)

More about my Father's family.

My Mother and my Sister
She has a heart of gold.


Wemyss, Williamina
Birth : 1704 Fife,Wemyss Parish,Fifeshire,Scotland
Death : 6 DEC 1784 Philadelphia,,Pennsylvannia,USA
Gender: Female
She was my direct ancestor. Great-Grandmother times six.


Wemyss Castle

Wemyss Photos

David Wemyss(1610 to 1679) was my ancestor. He was the father of Lady Jean Wemyss (1629 to 1666 at MacDuff's Castle)

Wemyss Historical Documents (Including some from Lady Jean Wemyss)

More about my Wemyss ancestors

Food inspired by the Wemyss Castle

History of the Wemyss Caves

History of the Wemyss Clan

Berrien Home in New Jersey

Major John Berrien in 1789
The picture (above) is courtesy of John Berrien Whitehead III. He is descended of Major John Berrien

Berrien, John Birth : 1760 Rocky Hill,Somerset,New Jersey,USA Death : 11 JUL 1815 Savannah,,Georgia,USA Gender: Male (My Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather)

Judge John Berrien, (1711-1772)
Painting by Charles Willson Peale

More about the Berrien family

James Whitehead Nesbitt and Mary McGregor Nesbitt
My Great-Grand Parents

Thomas Nesbitt Bible records. My Great- Great-grandfather.

Information about James Whitehead Nesbitt. My Great- grandfather.

James Whitehead Nesbitt

7th Georgia Cavalry

Thomas Nesbitt III He served proudly in Vietman, and writes wonderfully, about his experiences.

More information about the Nesbitt family

My Grandfather, a delightful gentleman!
Erling Grovenstein Senior

Grovenstein family history

More about Grovenstein ancestory

Georgia Salzburgers

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