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About my Great Grandfather Grovenstein, Angus Nesbit Grovenstein

His son, Erling

My Grandfather
Erling Grovenstein

ANGUS N. GROVENSTEIN, merchant, Guyton, Effingham Co., Ga., son of Shadrach
and Susannah (Keiffer) Grovenstein, was born in Effingham county, Oct. 2,
1852. His family is of German descent, and ancestors of his, Salzburgers,
settled in what is now Effingham county in 1733. His father was a farmer,
was a member of the Effingham hussars for many years previous to the war,
and enlisted in 1862 with his company (Capt. Stroborn) in the Fifth Georgia
cavalry (Col. Edward Bird), with which he served till wounded and
discharged. Himself and wife are members of the Lutheran church. A. N.
Grovenstein's grandfather, Ephraim Keiffer, was a Lutheran minister and was
pastor of the church at Ebenezer, in Effingham county--the oldest of that
denomination in the state. The old church building erected in 1769 is still
standing, and the worshipers were organized as a church in 1774. Shadrach
and Susannah Grovenstein were the parents of seven children: Angus Nesbitt,
Hubert, deceased; Homer, deceased; Alice, deceased wife of W. A. Davis,
Savannah; Ella, wife of L. C. Tibeau, Jr., Effingham county; Victoria, wife
of J. J. Jenkins, Effingham county, and one child who died in infancy. Mr.
Grovenstein received an academical education, attending first the school at
Guyton, and then two years under Prof. J. J. Jenkins at Groverville, Brooks
Co., Ga. After finishing his education he taught school in Camden and
Chatham counties, Ga. In 1874 he accepted the position of freight train
conductor on the Central railway, and held it between three and four years.
He was then made conductor of a passenger train, and was conductor on the
first through train from Atlanta to Savannah. After ten years' faithful
service in this capacity he was promoted to the position of pay train
conductor and assistant paymaster for the Central railway on all of its
lines. He held this honorable and responsible position four years--until the
Richmond & Danville company took charge, when that service was discontinued.
Mr. Grovenstein was tendered a situation as passenger train conductor, but
declined it, as he had determined to become a merchant. In 1892 he entered
into partnership with Bartemus J. Cubbedge and embarked in a general
merchandise business in Guyton, which has proved a prosperous enterprise,
with increasing trade and the promise of being a brilliant success. In
addition to the store he has a fine farm at old Camp Davis, about three
miles above Guyton, which he has managed very profitably. He is an
enthusiastic member of the Effingham hussars. Mr. Grovenstein was married
March 1, 1876, to Miss Mattie (born May 2, 1857), eldest daughter of B. J.
Cubbedge, of Effingham county. Mr. Cubbedge was for many years in the employ
of the Central railway under its old management, and held many responsible
positions. Mr. and Mrs. Grovenstein are the parents of eleven children:
Claudia, born in 1877, deceased; Rufus Nesbitt, Georgia C., Mabel Catherine,
Mattie, Angus, Bartemus, Robert Mims, Sidney L., Elmira and Erling. Mr.
Grovenstein and his wife are members of the Baptist church at Guyton, of
which he is the clerk. He is a member of the democratic executive committe
of Effingham county, and is the postmaster at Guyton, Ga.

Leander K Powers

Part of the greatest generation.

Leander K Powers Grandson of Mr B J Cubbedge

Erling Grovenstein
He was a very special person. I loved every moment, that I shared with him.

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