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James Whitehead Nesbitt
Henry Columbus Branson
Henry Columbus Branson Jr.
Ruth Lowndes Berrien
Home of Hugh Nesbitt and Eleanor Lucinda O'Keefe Nesbitt
In Loving Memory
My Salzburger Heritage
About my Great Grandfather Grovenstein, Angus Nesbit Grovenstein
Baker County Twin Sisters
About my Great(3) Grandfather James Whitehead
More Photos of our family
My new family
About my Great(3) Grandfather James Whitehead

James Whitehead

James Whitehead was born in Burke county April 7, 1786. His chief interest was in agriculture. He lived in his native county all his life. He died October 11, 1847. On June 30, 1816, he was married to Ruth Lowndes Berrien. During 1818 and 1819 he was a member of the Georgia senate from Burke county, His people were Scotch Presbyterians and were founders of the Presbyterian church in Waynesboro, Burke County, and at Bath, in Richmond County. Throughout his life, he manifested great interest in his Alma Mater and served as a member of the University Board of Trustees from 1828 to the date of his death in 1847.

NESBITT-Summerville Cemetery,Sect. 20-Augusta,Richmond,Georgia

In Loving Memory of those that came before us.

#20-4 To my Wife Virginia Louisa wife of Thomas Nesbitt and daughter of the late Dr. James Whithead of Burke Co. Born in Richmond Bath Aug. 2, 1825 Died at the same place April 2, 1850 Their twin infants lie interred in the same grave Mother and Wife #20-5 Thomas Nesbitt son of A.C. & R. L. Holt Born Ap'l. 20th, 1873 Died June 27th, 1873 #20-6A Alfred Charles Briggs Holt Born and Died Augusta, Georgia March 27, 1843 -- October 18, 1925 #20-6B Ruth Lowndes Nesbitt Holt Born Bath, Georgia, June 12, 1847 Died Augusta, Georgia, January 27, 1884 #20-6C Ruth Lowndes Holt Infant daughter Born and died Augusta, Georgia January 20, 1884 -- June 1884 #20-7 Virginia Whithead Holt Jan. 30, 1879 Oct. 3, 1974 #20-8 Mary Eleonor Holt Dec. 8, 1881 Aug. 21, 1973 #20-9 Elizabeth Grace Holt Dec. 28, 1874 March 6, 1964 #20-10 William W. Holt Born Apr. 21, 1877 Died Aug. 8, 1901 #20-11 In Memory of Hugh O'Keefe Nesbitt, M.D. Born Jan: 11, 1814 Died Oct: 29, 1855 #20-12 In Memory of Eliza Bowlling McIntosh Wife of Bayard Livingston McIntosh and eldest daughter of the late H. O'K. Nesbitt, Born Oct. 27th, 1841, Died Feb. 6th, 1863 #20-13A In Memory of our Brother Robert Nesbitt Born May 1, 1817 Died May 5, 1852. In the same grave sleep with him his children #20-13B Lilias Egerton; Born Aug. 28, 1845; Died Feb. 11, 1848. #20-13C Lemle Duncan; Born Nov. 19, 1849; Died June 1, 1851. #20-13D Charles Carrol; Born June 27, 1851; Died July 12, 1851.#20-17 In Memory of John Nesbitt who departed this life on 8th day of December A.D. 1837 In the 22nd year of his age #20-18 In Memory of Eleanor L. Nesbitt who died at the Red Sulphur Springs, Virginia on the 4th day of August, 1838in the 57th year of her age. She was a native of Ireland but removed to this country in early life and spend most of her days in the City of Augusta. #20-19 Sacred to the Memory of Hugh nesbitt, Esq. A native of Ireland Born in the county of Monaghan the 10th iof March, 1767 Died at Augusta, Georgia the 6th November 1828 Aged 61 years and 8 months He emigrated to the United States about the year 1787 and in '91 became a resident of Augusta #20-20 TERRETT Died Feb'y 24th, 1893 #20-21 George Bryan Dawson Died Nov. 23rd 1874 Aged 2 years

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